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What We Do

Nurturing Change, for Good


Change Management

Change is inevitable. Whether your organization is going through leadership transition or wanting to improve an unhealthy culture, The Intentional Catalyst can help.

We work with you to plan and navigate executive transitions, board leadership changes, or change that comes with organizational growth.

We can also walk alongside you to build a more equitable culture in the boardroom or among staff.

Capacity Building

The Intentional Catalyst works in partnerships with foundations to provide capacity building programs and training for  grantees. We offer customized CEO retreats, Nonprofit Summer Camp, Fundraising Bootcamp, and so much more to meet the capacity building needs of your grantees.


Leadership Development

Leadership isn't about a title or position, it is a matter of influence. Understanding who has influence in your organization and learning to nurture that influence for impact is crucial to the success of your mission.

The Intentional Catalyst can help develop leadership in your nonprofit organization through customized training, peer coaching groups, or individual coaching.

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